Projects on Cloud Computing

Projects on Cloud Computing

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Projects on Cloud Computing

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Let’s see some most interesting part of the cloud,

  • Meta Cloud and Inter Cloud
  • Hive Migration and Optimization
  • VM Scheduling and Placement
  • Security, Reliability,
  • Data Center Networks
  • Cloudlets Execution
  • Energy Optimization
  • Data Intensive Applications
  • Data Management
  • Scheduling and Load Balancing
  • Job Allocation
  • Resource Management
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Resource Efficiency and Provisioning

Essential Components of Cloud:

  • Utility Computing
  • MAP (Managed Service Provider)
  • Cloud Based Web Services
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

Key Characteristics of Cloud:

  • Autonomic Computing
  • Resource Pooling
  • Ubiquitous Network Access
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Service Oriented Software
  • Massive Scale
  • On-Demand Self Service
  • Virtualization
  • Measured Service
  • Non-Stop computing
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Advanced Security Technologies

Benefit of Cloud:

  • Scales and Speed
  • Device Diversity
  • Flexibility
  • Data and Information Management Easily
  • Automatic Update
  • Enhanced Storage Capacity
  • Customize Setting
  • Easy to Understand and Learn

Layers of Resource Management on Cloud:

Hardware (Memory, CPU, Bandwidth and Disk)

  • Data Centers

Infrastructure (Computation Storage-Virtual Machine)

  • GoGrid
  • Flexiscle
  • Amazon EC2

Platforms (Software Framework (Python/.NET/Java) and Storage (File/Database))

  • Google AppEngine
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon SimpleDB/S3

Application (Multimedia, Web Services and Business Applications)

  • YouTube
  • Google Apps
  • com
  • Facebook

Interesting Ideas on Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Solution Design Patterns
  • Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Clouds-Storage, and Data Analytics
  • Self Service Cloud Portal, Dashboard and Analytics
  • Software License and Patch Management
  • Security and Privacy for Public, Private and Hybrid clouds
  • Service Level and Quality Management in Clouds
  • Cloud Resource Virtualization and Composition
  • Cloud Migration and Provisioning
  • Stream Data Analysis
  • Cloud Data Analytics
  • Internet of Things, Architectures and Sensor Models
  • Mobility Aware Networking Protocols

Pick any one of the cloud computing project topics here,

  • Genome Secret Search Decentralized System Applied with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • Implementation of Effective Wang Method in Residue Number System (RNS) Using Approximate Method
  • HPC (High-Performance Computing) Applications Using Distributed Cloud Resource Management Framework
  • Resource Allocation in Integrated Terrestrial Satellite Network Based on Spectrum Sharing Cloud
  • Virtualized Network Views in Software Defined Networks Data for Misbehaving Sources Localization
  • In-Memory Storage Dynamic Management for Effectively integrated Data Intensive Computing and Compute on HPC Systems
  • Dynamic Radio Cooperation with Computing Resource Sharing for User Centric Cloud RAN
  • Communication of Secure Multi-Party Data in Cloud Augmented Internet of Things Environment
  • Internet of Things Using Compression Sensing Based Encryption Strategy
  • Multi-Agent Parallel Methodology to Large Climate Data Sets Analysis
  • Network Aware Virtual Machine Using Software Defined Networks in Cloud Data Centers
  • Cost Efficient Repository Management for On-Demand Video Streaming Based on Cloud
  • A Methodology to IoT (Internet of Things) Network with Nomadic Units Developing
  • Leveraging Renewable Energy in Edge Clouds for Analyze Data Stream in Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cost Model and Iterative MapReduce Applications Analysis for Hybrid Cloud Bursting